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Friday, May 27, 2005

Continuing Tradition

Mum used to place some cooked rice in a steel plate next to a big old frying pan filled with fresh water everyday at the back balcony of our home. She always say it's a small way to help and ease the lives of God's creatures, that is the birds.

So every morning you'll hear the chirping sounds of the sparrows communing at the back balcony. Later in the day it will the magpies' turn. The magpies are a bunch of noisy birds...clacking away while they take their bath, spraying water all over the place.

The flat has been sold and Mum has now moved over to K.K. and I don't think she's taking care of the birds anymore as she's very absentminded nowadays.

We, her daughters never follow in her footsteps of looking after the birds...but strangely enough, my horsie has recently taken up this hobby of Mum's.

Every evening, he'll place the leftover rice or sometimes uncooked rice at our backyard for the birds, no birdbath though. In the early morning the birds, the sparrows will come and feast.

Sometimes horsie forgets to place the rice in the evening and early in the morning when he heard the birds chirping, he'll say "his friends" are calling him. He'll then go out to the backyard and sprinkle a handful of rice for his friends.

Well, i'm glad someone is continuing Mum's tradition and I hope one day, one of my kids will continue to do so..:)
Thursday, May 12, 2005


I saw the porpoises again!! They might just be dolphins but hey i'm no marine biologist or whatever. All I know is that they are back! Wheee!! They are back! Saw them yesterday and again today!! All three of them. They are feeding and I actually saw a small school of fish jumping OUT of the water!! Wow!!!

Haiz....how i wish i get to swim with them....
Friday, May 06, 2005

Not Enough Saliva

Last night, I was watching the series LOST on AXN with my son, the story came to the part where Jack the doctor and Sayyid the ex Iraqi Republican Guard believed this guy Sawyer has the inhalers critical for the ashmatic girl Shannon, and that failing to reason with Sawyer to give up the inhalers, they have finally resort to force him..

TV Screen - Sawyer got tied to a tree, Jack made a last attempt to reason with Sawyer. Sawyer refused. Sayyid proceed to torture Sawyer by inserting bamboo reeds into his nails..*Horrible*...Sawyer was screaming in pain, Jack couldn't bear it and stopped Sayyid. Sayyid pulled out his knife and threatened to cut out Sawyer's eye if he don't tell where the inhalers are... Finally Sawyer agreed to tell but only to the woman, Kate. Jack and Sayyid left Kate alone with Sawyer still tied to the tree. Kate asked Sawyer where the inhalers are...Sawyer asked Kate for a Kiss before he tells her.

Juarez : "Yau Mou Kau Cho???!!! (What the heck???) He got tied up and tortured, and of all things he asked for a KISS???!!! What's wrong with him??? He don't have enough Saliva ar??!!""

Me - ROTFLMAO with LUITA....

TV Screen - Kate kissed Sawyer (saw Sawyer's tongue)..

Juarez : "Nah, nah...eeesshh... transfering Saliva!!!"

Me - In stitches....wiping tears from eyes///

TV Screen - Sawyer," I don't have the inhalers." Kate, "What?", slapped Sawyer hard..

Juarez : "WHAT???!!! Cheee sinnnnnn (Crazy!!!)" shake head from side to side...
Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My Girl Wants a Bra

Calista (4) rummaging the basket of folded cloths...found my bra....proceed to put in on....~sigh* she looked sooo cute...

Calista : "Mee, you go market buy me bra eh."