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Monday, November 29, 2004
I'm in a lousy mood today. I hate my eczema. Its making me crazy. Its frustrating.
Tuesday, November 23, 2004


*Yawn*...today is a great day for sleeping in.....*Yawn*...oh well..no such luck...
Friday, November 19, 2004


Pictures of Chrysanthemums taken while in China

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

During Deepavali And Hari Raya Holidays

Juarez joined the Church Camp for the 1st time. Just a 3 days 2 nights camp out. It was the first time that he spent the night in a strange new place. Boy did he enjoy the whole experience! He had so much fun.

Calista on the other hand had her own fun too...well she had Daddy and Mummy all to herself.

Some of the conversations we had after we fetched Juarez from the Camp..

Us : Well, how was Camp?

J : It was great! I had so much fun! We did this n that n blah, blah, blah...

Us : Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself! Did you miss us?

J : Yeah...were you happy when I was gone?

**Red Alert!!**

Us : No!! We missed you! We were worried about you! We were worried that you didn't have enough to eat, you didn't sleep well, worried you might catch a cold, blah, blah, blah...

* Juarez smiling away...

Much later ....at home..

J : Mee, where is Heaven exactly? I mean, is it in space? or beyond? It's sooo dark there!!

Me: Er, I don't really know where Heaven is....I've never been there you know.

J : Hee hee hee...


2nd day of Hari Raya went out for Dinner with Emily and Polly! Had Seafood Kut Teh ...yummy! Then had latte at a Cafe. The last time that Emily came back to Sandakan was ..I think 4 years ago.. These 2 buddies of mine go back a long long time...

But hey, even when we seldom get in touch due to their workaholic lifestyle..but when we do get together, we just pick up from where we left off..it was just GREAT!! Chatted the night away...I just wish it never ends...

Emily had recently went for her Meditarenean Cruise and before that she spent a week in Barcelona, Spain all on her own. Showed us her photos and I went gah gah!!!

~Sigh..wonder when I can ever afford to go...maybe start with something closer to home and much much cheaper...Star Cruise. oh well. wishful thinking.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Trip To Shanghai, China Part 2

I guess, for those who've been to China, the most unforgettable experience would be their visit not to historical sites but to China's public toilets.

I remembered a friend of mine who told me her experience while she was there more than a decade ago. No doors at the public toilets. You will have no choice but to choose the last stall in the public toilets in order to have some "privacy". Better to get a friend to stand guard outside. Some suggested to bring a "sarong" to cover up, while some even suggested to wear adult diapers...some would rather risk urinary tract infection. But the most common of all I guess would be to use an umbrella. However using an umbrella may not give you the privacy you want cos whenever one of the local passed by the stall they may be curious enough to pull up the umbrella to take a peek...

Well I never thought that I would have my own experience on the matter as well cause China is quite modern nowadays. Of course all those public toilets have doors now and some of those at the restaurants we've visited were quite modern with automatic flush system...neat. For those drain toilet, well no problem there either except I wonder why they want to use black glossy tiles, I mean you can see the shadowy reflection of the person in the next stall doing her business. Running water is a must for drain toilets, else the stink would suffocate you.

There was a time when our Coach stopped at a rest station and as usual all the ladies will start marching to the toilets.. Now at this public toilet there was a number of stalls and some of them are without doors. It so happened that at this very public toilet I get to witness China's Toilet Culture.....I saw a local Chinese squatting down doing her business...the thing is she was facing the walkway......I didn't get to see her "moon" but thanks goodness I was also spared from the sight of her "abalone"!!! My my...beside this case...I also noticed that no matter the age of the local Chinese, whether young trendy girls or Ah Sohs...they don't lock their doors when they use the toilet. I guess its a cultural thing.

But what in my opinion is quite unacceptable is WHY they don't throw the used tissues into the toilet and flush it. Instead they throw them into the waste basket inside the toilet!!! Eeewwww! I hate it whenever it was those squatting toilets where you have no choice but to squat, hence bringing yourself closer to the proximity of the wastebasket overflowing with used tissues......think menstruation....aaaarrrggghhhhhh soooo unhygienic!!!

Maybe back in those days they use the "Mah Tung" (wooden bucket) to collect all those bodily wastes and then used them as fertilizers...well it would be messy with tissues all over the field right...so I guess its another cultural thing kua...
Monday, November 01, 2004

Trip To Shanghai, China Part 1

I've joined a 8 days' tour to Shanghai, China. Came back to Malaysia on the 29th evening. I've been telling friends that the package costed around RM 1,500.00....stewpid me! Totally forgot that I have to pay a deposit of RM 1,000.00...kikik so the whole package actually costed RM 2,496.00...my apologies to all for the confusion...

So what can I say? Well to be frank, I didn't enjoy the trip as much as I thought I would...it was actually quite boring. But then it was an eye opening experience. The part of China that I've visited is not what I've expected even though I was sort of prepared for it. Shanghai is such a modern city with its beautiful architecture highrises that it actually put K.L. into the shadow. The highway system in China is impressive. The other cities/places included in the tour are Hanzhou, a very beautiful and nice city that I really like...very green, wonderful scenery...the only city I really really like throughout the whole trip. Then there's Suzhou, Nanjing, Yangzhou and finally Muxi.

Was told by our China tour guide, Xiao Zhang that the living standard of the Southern Part of China (Chiang Nan) is way way much better than the Northern Part. The whole trip was just eat, sit, sleep...so yeah, guessed I've put on weight!...Most of the food are dripping in oil...fat fat pork...*shudder*..some are quite delicious and some are just so so...the famous Yangzhou Fried Rice was a complete let down....what a disappointment...guess even with my lousy cooking, my fried rice are even more delicious...hehehe.

Oooh I've finally managed to try the Stinky Tofu! and also the "Ping Tang Wu Lou" <--nectar coated sour plum......Stinky Tofu...er...not my taste lah...stink like clogged drains, taste so-so..."Ping Tang Wu Lou"...very sour.....can't finish...too sour...

Happiest moment was my birthday surprise! Hubby bought me a Jade bracelet as my birthday present while we were in Nanjing...hey I actually look good wearing a Jade bracelet..hehehe. Anyway it seems that my hubby has planned well in advance with our tour guide so that on my birthday (27th of October) after dinner, Xiao Zhang brought a cake over to our table!! *Blush blush*...then everyone came to our table and sang "Happy Birthday" in english then in chinese to me!!! ...hehehe yeah a bit "lou tou" but still *sigh~* sooo happy...soooo surprised....sooo unexpected!!...Looking at the photos...hahah it was like we were getting married!! kikiki..Some one from our Group asked me whether we are newly weds...hahaha. Next day hubby bought me a pearl pendant....:P:P good harvest hor....

Will post some photos later...and also some toilet experience...culture shock!