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Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Washing Hair

Early this evening on our way home from work....

Radio 5 DJ : blah, blah, blah hair treatment once a week, blah, blah, wash hair, blah, blah.

Hubby : *switched channel* Haiz, talk talk talk about washing hair, all grown ups already, don't know how to wash hair or take care of own hair meh...

Me : uh..

Hubby : Ya mah, what for talk nonsense. Why don't they talk about not wasting the shampoo and using it to wash armpit hair? pubic hair?..same mah all hair.

Me : bwahahahahahahaha

Hubby : Hehheh, true you know, its smoothier and silkier ler...

Me : bwahahahahahaha
Monday, June 28, 2004


Saturday, June 26, 2004

I Love U Three

Its a family ritual that every night, the kids would give us a kiss and a hug before going to bed.

A few nights ago, after kissing and hugging their daddy...

Juarez : {hug} Good night, mummy, *muak* I love you.

Calista : {hug} Good night, mummy, *muak* I luv chuu too.

Me : {hug both} I love you three..

Juarez : *very excited* Mee, you got baby ah?

Me : huh? *blur* what baby?

Juarez : You said "I love you three" just now!

Me : *puzzled* What has I love you three got to do with having a baby?

Juarez : Well, I'm number one mah, Calista is number two, so number three must be a baby lah!

Me : *lol* Haiz...counting you, Calista and myself...so there's three of us mah, mummy is just saying only..having the two of you is enough already! I don't think i can handle another little monkey!

Juarez : Yer, I want a baby brother.

Me : ....
Thursday, June 24, 2004

Bloggers? Boogers?

Yesterday thru MSN Messenger...

Big Meow : Oh new word! I didn't know Bloggers means nose dung!

Me : Aiyah! Boogers lah! Not bloggers! I'm now a blogger and i'm no nose dung!
Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Juarez at 4 : Mummy, the Elephant drinks using its nose, right?

Me : Yes dear, and its called a trunk,an elephant's trunk.

Juarez : So the elephant uses its trunk to suck up the water and then blow the water into its mouth to drink, right?

Me : Right.

Juarez : Then, wouldnn't all its boogers be flushed into its own mouth? So it means, everytime when the elephant drinks, it'll be eating its own boogers!!

Me : **laugh until my jaws hurt!**
Monday, June 21, 2004

Where A Name Is From

My second sister, 2Meow and her beautiful kids, Christal 9, Pearl 7 and Nathaniel 4 during a road trip.

2Meow : Children, do you know where your name is from? Let's start with Nathaniel.

Christal : I know! I know! Nathaniel is from God!

2Meow : Very good, Christal! Yes! Nathaniel is from God and from the Bible!
What about your own name, Christal?

Christal : My name has Christ in it! It is also from God!

2Meow : Yes, your name do has Christ in it. How about Pearl's name?

Christal : Oh! It's from the sea! She comes from a Clam!

2Meow : .....ahahahaha...
Thursday, June 17, 2004


Back in the peaceful days right after World War II, in the Land Below the Wind, there was a group of young people. Now this group of young people they get to know a bunch of young australian soldiers.

Since the war was over and there wasn't much soldiering to do, during weekends these bunch of young people went dancing with the soldiers which was pretty much the very IN thing to do. Now amongst this group there was a very pretty young lady whom was given the nickname Spitfire by these australian soldiers. I haven't the faintest clue as to why she was nicknamed so...could be due to her temper. Spitfire speak minimum english and doesn't know how to dance. She tagged along anyway just so she can enjoy the music.

At the dance, everybody were dancing and having a good time. I believe during that time, they would do the quicksteps, foxtrot, etc..i'm no dance expert. So one guy by the name of Toby asked Spitfire for dance...Spitfire who doesn't know how, of course declined. So a disappointed Toby went looking for another partner.

In order to avoid more invitations to dance, Spitfire tried to blend in to the wall to be a part of the Wallpaper...so she silently walk to a nearby wall. Before she reach her intended destination, she happened to walk passed a drunken soldier. This soldier just grab her by the hand and pulled her into the dance floor!

This drunken guy, either he was so far out or he was one heck of a jitterbug, twirl Spitfire around the dance floor. Spitfire who can't dance was now dancing all over the dance floor. They were so good that everybody stopped to watch them. I guessed they were even better than Fred Astaire and John Travolta...that when the dance finally ended there was thunderous applause! The organizer, i think, was so impressed that he awarded a bottle of whiskey to the jitterbug soldier and a bottle of perfume for Spitfire.

Note: If u have 2 left feet and don't know how to dance, nevermind, all you have to do is get yourself a drunken guy and you will sure win a dance competition!

*Spitfire - fighter aircraft used during World War II. In this story, Spitfire is none other than my dear old mama!
Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Putting A Paw Forward

I've been sitting on the fence for some time now..Well i've finally decided to put a paw forward and join in the fun.

Thanks to all the new friends/bloggers from Dr. Liew's forum for the encouragements especially to Hanyi and Yee Pei for their help and also to my sister, Big Meow for my blog's name.

Well..here goes....