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Thursday, January 27, 2005

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Some of the yummy fruits/berries I've tried during my trip to China.  The brownish ones are fresh red dates.  Very sweet and crunchy like green apples.  Normally used in its dried forms in Herbal soups or Chinese desserts (Tong Sui).

As for the yellow berries, its called "Hua Ku Liang" literary meaning Flower Maiden. Nice and sweet smelling.

I've got long fingers no? :P
Monday, January 24, 2005
Aaaarrrghhh!!!! I was totally being ignored yesterday! He turned a deaf ear to whatever I said! It was like talking to a wall! He purposely ignored me and was being rebellious!

OMG!!! He's only 8+! What will happen when he's a teenager???

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

03 January till 12 January 2005

03 Jan : Calista's first day at Preschool. She was very excited. Bought her books, uniforms, sport wear. No classes that day, went home around 9:30 am.

04 Jan : Calista in uniform. Gosh! She looked so cute and adorable. At the school, she played with toys but I have to be by her side. Much later, she played with her new friends, I sneaked away. :P Went to fetch her around 4:50 pm, she was so happy to see me..tears were welling up, she hugged me so so fiercely. Told me she cried, once and once and once.

05 Jan : Very happy, arrived at the preschool, still happy...arrived at her class, started to cry...Mummy don't go!! Tried to pacify her....told her I have to work. Teacher carried her, she was reluctant to let me go, held on ever so tight! Managed to escape..she screamed..."MUMMY!!!! DON'T GO!!!!"..Other parents looked at me with knowing smiles. Have to hardened my heart...left for work. Fetched her in the evening, again hugged me so fiercely.

06 Jan : Didn't want Calista to cling to me so asked Horsie to bring her to her class. She cried saying don't want to go to school. Evening came, fetched her...the usual. Asked her whether she liked school..answered yes.

07 Jan : Arrived at school with a big smile, kissed her daddy goodbye. Walked her to her class, started to cry. Teacher managed to pacify her by bringing her to the playground. Waved goodbye to me.

08 Jan : No school. She said she want to go to school. Told her she'll be going to babysitter, she said she don't want, she wanted to go to school. Arrived at babysitter's she started to cry, kept saying she wants to go to school.....Haiz..this girl.

09 Jan : Moved our 6 feet acquarium from the living room to the utility area...*Phew* hard work for horsie..luckily a friend brought along his worker to help. Lots of cleaning up, transfering of the fishes, etc. Pour fresh water to the aquarium, placed 1 Flowerhorn in for testing.

10 Jan : Calista went to school without crying. I was so proud. Fetched her in the evening, saw me and started to cry!! Seems she saw some of her friends going home and was worried.

Aquarium - no problem with the water, transfered all the flowerhorns and red parrot fishes ...also transfered in the nice and fat silvery green arowana (7").

11 Jan : Aiyoh she still cried....I signed up for Yoga class and attended my 1st lesson..Boy! I was sooooo out of shape!! Everyone were so slim and sexy and me....I got a puntured tires..

This morning : Our nice fat silvery green arowana died...murdered by those longkang fishes, Flowerhorn. Horsie is seriously considering to cook them or throw them to the longkang where they belonged...nah....will just let it die off naturally..only then will consider to rear another arowana...Haiz...pity, it was such a nice arowana and so fat too, like me.

Calista walked to her class today so happily, gave candies to her teachers but when I was about to leave...haiz she cried again.....