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Friday, July 30, 2004

Calista's Birthday

Today is Calista's birthday, she's 3 years old.

Last Sunday we had a small birthday party. More of a family gathering actually. Calista was so happy cause she was the centre of attentions and most important for a kid, are the birthday presents.  Too bad no photos were taken but never mind there are more birthdays to come.

The little darling seems to know that her actual birthday is today.  Last night she asked me to bring her to the Supermarket and buy her a present.  I thought I heard wrongly and asked her to repeat whereby she proceeds to whisper to my ears, "Mammy, bring me to market and buy me present, eh".  Cheeky girl.

Anyway think I'm gonna buy her a set of stationery/activity set so she can draw and paint all she want.
Thursday, July 29, 2004

Many Thanks

I'm sure most of you must be relieved that you don't need to strain your eyes anymore.  Hehe actually I find it hard to read too but I just couldn't resist the cute lil' kitty.  Anyway I've been searching for nicer templates/skins but being the fussy person that I am, oh well, I'll just continue with the search.  For the time being, this simple and plain template will do.

Meanwhile I want to thank a few wonderful people whom I've met from the internet, for their help and suggestions.  This has been long overdue. My thanks and appreciations to... 

 DrLiew, for helping me to post my Mum's picture and suggested to save my photos in Photobucket;

dSaint, who suggested to me to get another blog for setting up new templates. This other blog has become my playground.

But most of all, thanks to Olivia for taking the time to help me figure out what I've done wrong, rectify and then clean up my templates for me.

And of course, thank you to you all (the very few of you..:P) for taking the time to visit my blog.  I'll try to post more.

*really need to get a camera quick to post nice and intersting pictures.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

A Place Called Home

Had insomnia Sunday night.  Tossed and turned until way passed 1 am.  Still couldn't sleep.  Suddenly a feeling of homesickness hit me. Don't get me wrong, I'm in my own home with my own family.  The homesickness that I felt was for my "home", the place I grew up....

The Flat - 5th Floor, Block 75, Singapore Road. Its the place that I spend 26 years of my life.  A cozy place of about 1,000 sq. ft. consisted of a living room with front balcony, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a dinning room that we seldom dine in, a kinda small kitchen that Mom rules and the back balcony.

A very windy place with a big old tree next to it.  Sometimes some squirrels will drop by for a visit.  Occassionally a bat or two would fly into the house while we were watching TV.  Birds would make their nest next to the pots of plants Mom planted in the balcony.  When the eggs were hatched and the Mama and Papa birds left the nest to look for food,  Mom would take out the chicks and let us feed them with rice soaked in water.  In October to December we would look out from our balcony to the old tree and get to see fireflies dancing around.  When there was a power cut, we would sit there with candles lit and Mom would sing us some of the old english melodies.

The neighbourhood kids that I grew up with, the Lees (Chiew Ling and Chiew Yung) from the 1st floor, the Soons (Ah Thsun) from the 2nd floor, the Chiams (Ah Hiang) from the 3rd floor, the 4th floor - tenants changes so many times couldn't remember them, and the Wongs (Ka Sam, Ka Yue, Tze Soon and Ka Wai) from the 6th floor. 

During Lunar Moon festival, all the families would gather at the roof top of the building to celebrate.  All the kids would light up their lanterns and have fun.  Sometimes we would carry our lanterns and walked up the dark winding path to St. Mike Secondary School near our place.
Other times we would all gather for some kids' birthday party, etc.  Then there was a time when Master Wong from the 6th Floor taught us kids the Preying Mantis kung fu at the roof top.

All the games we played and the fun we had on the ground floor parking space. With a piece of chalk or coal in hand, we would turn the parking space into an art museum with our childish graffiti.  The many ants and snails we tortured and killed in play.

Spring cleaning day before the Chinese New Year is the day all the kids had the most fun!  It would start with the Wong family cleaning their staircase, all the dirty water splashing around! Then its our turn to wash our part of the staircase and so on down to the ground floor. Kids like us would scrub the stair and splash dirty water to each other.  Kids + Water = FUN!!! The grown ups would indulge us during this time.

Well a few years back after Mom and Dad moved to KK, we sold the house.  The Lees are still there (actually the girls' uncle); Mrs. Soon is staying there alone, Ah Tshun passed away a few years ago.  He was in his early Thirties. The Chiams are still there.  The new tenant on the 4th floor, I never get to know them since we moved out before they move in.  The 6th floor is rented out to some Malays, the Wongs moved out in the early 80s.

Whenever I passed by Singapore Road, I would always, always try to catch a glimpse of the flat on the 5th floor of Block 75.  A place that no matter what, still holds a very very special place in my heart.  A place that I will always called "Home".

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Movie Passes

July is almost coming to its end.  Spiderman 2 may still be screening but may just stop anytime soon.  And Sandakan doesn't have a cinema!
So what should I do with the 2 Movie passes I received yesterday from RHB Bank?  Why didn't they send the Movie Passes earlier so that I received them last week?  Then I can go watch Spidey while I was in KK.
Haiz...Juarez was so disappointed.  He wanted so much to win the passes and go over to KK to watch Spidey in the cinema for the 1st time! But I'm not gonna spend almost RM 500 just to bring him over for a free movie....forget about driving over, with all these rains the road was impassable.
No choice but to wait for the original VCD or the pirate DVD. Oh well..
Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Culprit Caught

Went to K.K. last Friday for a weekend course and came back Sunday evening.  Here's some update of what happened on Friday morning before I left the office for the airport.
Around 10:30 am, received a call from my friend, Daniel.  He asked to speak to my boss, DH.  Asked him what's the matter and he proceeded to tell me that his colleague was the passenger in the car that hit Mrs. C last Thursday.  (Mrs. C besides being my colleague is also the sister of my boss, DH.)
Turned out the driver was a 68 year old man who went to fetch Daniel's colleague the morning of the accident.  Daniel's colleague being the passenger saw the whole thing and he told the driver to stop as he has hit someone, but the driver looked into the rear view mirror and said, no problem and just continued on.  Daniel's colleague felt guilty and responsible and told Daniel about the accident.  One thing leads to another and Daniel found out that the victim is Mrs. C.  That's why he called me requesting to explain the whole thing to my boss DH.
Told Daniel that there's no point in explaining to my boss, DH.  Explaination should be made to Mr. and Mrs. C instead.  Gave Daniel, Mr. C's contact number.  Don't know what happened after that but when I came back yesterday, I was told that the driver went to beg for forgiveness and publicly apologized to Mr. and Mrs. C in the local newspaper.
Mrs. C will be having her operation tomorrow.
Thursday, July 15, 2004

Hit And Run Accident

Early this morning received the news that a colleague of mine, Mrs. C was involved in a hit and run accident.

Mrs. C is a very active person who loves and enjoy her daily round of golf. However because of rain, this morning she went jogging with friends instead at their housing estate. Around 6:05 am she was hit by a car from behind. The car did not stop and continued to drive off regardless of the cries from Mrs. C jogging friends. They managed to take down the runaway vehicle's number plate.

Luckily Mrs. C's injury was not life threatening. She suffered a broken right thigh and shall need surgery to mend the broken bones.

Went to visit her at the Duchess of Kent Hospital just now, she was very alert and looked fine except for a swollen left cheek due from her fall and of course the injured right leg.

Get well soon Mrs. C. and I hope the Police can nab the culprit and bring him to justice.
Wednesday, July 14, 2004


I don't mean those blood-sucking worms. The leeches that I meant are those human ones, those who suck profits from others.

Both my bosses seem to attract a dozens of these leeches. However one of them are more proned to these hateful slimy invertebrates.

Just this morning when my boss, DW came in, immediately right on his steps floated a bald-headed geeky looking yellow male leech and another fat dark female tudung-ed leech. Yeah floated, just like what chinese call "tiu hiong gwei" meaning those ghosts that follows you around.

Some of these leeches must have undergone spy training! They sure knows when the boss comes in and they sure got the patience to wait no matter rain or shine or kingdom comes. The most amazing features of these leeches are their thick skins. So thick that I bet the elephants and rhinoceros' skins also cannot compare with theirs.

They will try anything to get your sympathy, they'll even call you their sister just to get on your good side. WT*! I don't have brothers and sisters like you! Dirtbags! Scums! Don't you have kids to take care of you? Oh you mean one is crippled, one is a retard, one is admitted to the psychiatric hospital and another is in jail, you poor thing!

And I just don't understand why my boss just keep on giving in to them. Do you think these leeches really care about him? To them he's just a very conveniet ATM. Push button, ka-cheng, out come money! Take money, turn around, buy first class ticket fly here and there or hold a big kenduri for the whole village to show off!

I hate leeches but I hate these leeches even more. They know no shame. They have no dignities. They only know how to suck, suck, suck! Hate them! How I wish I can just step on them and squish them! Nah! Die you blood sucking slime, die!

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

New Skin On The Blog

Ok, it's cute and with smoothing colour...but its not very satisfactory especially with pictures...its just too blur.

Oh well I guess it'll do for now...until I find one that I like, until I get myself a new digital camera to take nice pictures to post..or maybe I won't change the skin nor post pictures...

Hmmmm we'll see.
Thursday, July 08, 2004

Little Surprises!!

Early this morning, as usual I checked my email and surprise! surprise! I got Van's aka Kepala Kapas's contact number and email address from another friend! I blogged about Van in my previous post. And just when I've decided to let her go, here I was being given another chance to stay in touch or maybe to re-establish our friendship. I'll be sending her an email soon and see whether she'll reply...if not, *shrug* I can live with that now....:)

Speaking of surprises, well I've a got few up my sleeves, for my hubby. His birthday will be this Saturday. Instead of getting a present this year, I'm gonna give him, hehhehheh a few self made coupons* for redemption instead. *wink, wink*. And I'm gonna hide these coupons in very OBVIOUS places for him to find.

Life is just full of little surprises, appreciate em!

P/S Thanks Grace for the idea on the coupons! I know it'll be fun!! ;)
Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Tis A Wonderful Day!

It's a wonderful day! I know it is! Why? Because it is!

Today is the day where the Rolly Polly Clinic Stalkers (RPCS)will be meeting at Starbuck, Mid Valley at 5 pm. Okay so what if I can't go. I'm still excited anyway. I'm pretty sure there's be pictures!

Today, one of RPCS, Hanyi will be hugging another RPCS, a big teddy called Desmo! Hehehe! Don't think it'll happen. But nevermind, who knows they'll really hug for our sake?

Today, exactly about 15 minutes ago, I finally saw the pair of porpoises from the Office Pantry! I was getting my Nescafe fix, while mixing the coffee i looked out from the window at the sea and there they are! Saw their dark grey humps! They are finally back! After so many months, almost a year, they are finally back!! They truly make my day! Not even my Nescafe can perk me up as they did!

I know today is going to be a great and wonderful day!
Monday, July 05, 2004

Cake & "Kai Tan Ko" What's The Difference

Sexy is one of my colleague, she likes to cook. Sometimes when she learnt some new recipe, she'll cook and bring to the office for us. Why she's call Sexy, because her surname and her middle name sounded like Sexy...but then she can cause nosebleed sometimes..:)

Conversation with Sexy, one day.

Me : Thanks Sexy! For your cake this morning! It's very nice.

Sexy : Oh! That's not a cake, that's a Kai Tan Ko. literally translated as Chicken Egg Cake!

Me : Duh?!! Eh, it's still a cake wat. Kai Tan Ko and cake same thing mah.

Sexy : Oh No!!! It's different!!!

Me : What different.. it's still a cake, right?

Sexy : Cake, you make with butter!!! Kai Tan Ko got no butter one!!! It's TOTALLY different!!!

Me ***pengsan with LUITA***

Saturday, July 03, 2004

Kepala Kapas (Cotton Head)

*Long Post*

There was this girl that i've known since primary school. Let's call her Van. Van was from a different class. And I don't know her that well then. She is a very fair and quite pretty girl with natural born curly/frizzy hair hence all the boys called her "kepala kapas" which means Cotton Head in malay. What I remember most about her during those days was that she was a very fast runner. She runs with open palms and fingers all spread out like a fan...but she sure was fast..

When in Secondary school, we studied in the same Convent School and were in the same class and we became friends. From Form 1 to Form 5 we were quite close...with a few others. A whole bunch of us girls will go to her house and stay over night there almost every other weekend. We'll have ourselves a slumber party, pouring our hearts out, teasing each others about boys, crush, etc. You know, all those secrets that normal teenagers shared with their best friends.

But after Form 5, she went on to continue her studies in Form 6 and I went on to take up a Secretarial Course which was a sham! Nevermind that's a different story.

After she completed her Form 6 she went on to Teachers College, Van was those who loves to study but have to study very hard in order to maintain her slightly above average scores. During this period, we still maintain our friendship, by then i've joined the corporate world and most of our friends were too.

Later on she graduated from the Teachers College and joined the Academic world teaching in primary school. During this period, her beloved Grandma was diagnosed with cancer and was in very critical condition. She started avoiding us and if she ever joined us in our outings, she would keep to herself. No matter how much we tried to cheer her up she'll just keep quite. I know we were not able to help much in this situation but we were always there for her emotionally and spiritually. It also seems that she's been hanging around a bunch of new friends who are much much older than us that time. Maybe her new friends were able to help her or whatever...so gradually she drifted away from us.

After her grandma passed away she drifted even further apart from us. Thereafter whenever we meet she'll be like a stranger to us and conversations become quite strained..which was sad. Our friendship was dangling by a thin thread then but we still tried to keep it from totally being cut off.

A few years back she married a guy she met in Hong Kong...we were also invited to her wedding. She then moved to Hong Kong and we lost touch. She did come back for visits once in a while but never ever look us up. I happened to met her one day when she was back for one such visit and managed to get her email address.

However, no matter how many times i email her, she never once reply. I went so far as to question myself whether i've done something that in someway i've hurt her...i even go so far as to asked her about it and apologized to her if i've done anything that has wronged her in anyway. Still silence..so i stopped my emails.

Recently a mutual friend forwarded her photos to me, this mutual friend got her photos from another friend who got them from another friend. Seems she came back sometime in May this year with her family. She got a little boy around 2 years old now. Very cute boy who takes after her...very fair and got curly hair.

Looking at her photos, I'm happy for her and yet at the same time I have mixed emotions too, saddened and also angered for our lost friendship.

I haven't given up on her yet...am still trying to get her contacts. I know I can never hope for our friendship to be like it used to be...but I still want to remain a friend.