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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Becareful of what you say in front of kids!

This is truly one lesson that both horsie and I learnt in a most embarassing way...

Dinner time...

Meow : "Boy do you still want some more rice? Mummy can't finish ler."
Juarez: "No thanks, I'm very full already."
Calista :"Oh hoh!! Mummy can't finish her rice! Mummy must be rotan-ed."
Juarez n Daddy: "Yaloh! Mummy will kena rotan-ed."
Humsup-minded Daddy: "Mmm Mummy, the rotan very big one oh.."
Meow : "uhhuh..."
Humsup-minded Daddy: "Tonight Daddy rotan Mummy when all the kids are asleep...heh heh heh."
Juarez : "YYYyaaaayyyy! I'll have a baby brother soon!!!"

Meow and Horsie both almost fall from their chairs in shock!!! So embarassing lah....