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Friday, August 27, 2004

Back To Work

Sigh~*..Blink and its over. Time sure flies when you're having a good time.

Anyway during the holidays, we stay at STAR and the kids had so much fun at the pools. Planned to make a day trip to one of the islands at Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, one of the many Parks here in Sabah but in the end decided not to. Maybe next time when Calista is older.

Got to spent time with Meow 2 and the kids played with their cousins, naughty Calista don't want to call her Kung Kung and Po Po....she was very shy with them..or could be Kung Kung and Po Po didn't bribe her with ice cream. Naughty girl.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

R & R

Yay! I'll be on leave starting tomorrow until 25th August..

Gonna go on a shopping spree!! Wheee!

My kids gonna get to visit Kung Kung and Po Po and Tai Yee Yee and their cousins, Christal, Pearl and Nathaniel!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

KaBoom!! Pt. 2

Nothing much on the news. Seems the Bomb Squard or whatever, took the whole afternoon to dig up a 18 feet deep trench, buried the Bomb in and then detonate it. No untoward accidents happened, the roof of a nearby house was slightly damaged by the falling debris or pieces of metal. Others within the vicinity may need to tidy up their houses as some furnitures/cupboards etc felled and made a mess of things.

Hee hee yesterday I asked a colleague of mine who stayed very very near to the Site where she and her family has gone to for the whole Sunday. She told me they spend the whole day at the Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary getting acquantained with the Orang Utans and then they went to the Sandakan Crocodile Farm to watch the lousy crocodile show, feed the giant arowanas and an assortment of animals...Forced family outings...kihkih.
Sunday, August 15, 2004

KaBoom!!! Part 1

15 August 2004

Detonation Day.

11:00 am : Major roads going into Town closed. Bandar Kim Fung was like a dead town..all shops were closed. A very few are about to close for half day.

4:35 pm : Kaboom!! Heard the explosion. Felt the tremor. Can't see any mushroom smoke though... could be due to the hazy sky. Our home is about 4KM from the Site of the detonation.

More news tomorrow.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Zee Bomb

*Picture scanned from Merdeka Daily News 14.08.2004

Bomb Away!

Last Sunday, a 1,000 lbs World War 2 bomb was unearthed from a construction site at Mile 3 1/2 Jalan Utara.

Today its all over the local news that the Authority will try to defuse the Bomb tomorrow at site! So the stretch of road from the town area to Mile 4 will be closed from 10 am to 6pm. People residing within 100 metres from the site are advised to stick around to watch the firework!..Hehe Nah...they are advised to get out of the house that day.

In case attempts to defuse the bomb fails, the Police Bomb Squard will detonate the bomb and the impact of an explosion would be according to them about 1.7km in radius.

Now I wonder where all the people will go and hide? Some suggested for a day trip down to Lahad Datu...I guess my Sister In Law's family planned to do so. I don't think my horsie would want to go cos he'll be stuck in Lahad Datu for the whole of next week...very *sien (boring). Some suggested to hide at Sepilok and spent some quality times with the Orang Utans.....some may hang around waiting in line to be fed to the crocodiles at the Crocodile farm..

We may just stay at home...up to horsie...where horsie gallops, we go also.

*Wonder whether we get to experience the detonation of the Bomb or not... as long as there's no life threatening incidents.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

The Game Of "Pii Gu"!

A very funny incident my sister, Meow 2 told me...

Nathaniel (4) her son loves to smack people on the bum and said "Pii Gu!" meaning "Buttock!" in Mandarin. So the whole family joined in this game of "Pii Gu" and everyone had fun running around the house smacking lil' Nat's bum and shouting "Pii Gu!". Even the maid also joined in the game of smacking lil' Nat's bum.

One day my sis went to a local Bakery and lil' Nat was tagging along. While there, my sister was choosing some cakes/buns and there was this UMS student beside her taking his time in choosing his favourite cakes/buns.

The student must have seen one of his yummy delicious cake and bend down to get it.

There it was this bum staring right at lil' Nat. Gleefuly and without qualms, lil' Nat smacked...."Piak" and shouted in triumph "PII GU!!!!".

Guess how embarrassed my sis was, when the Guy actually thought my sis smacked his bum!!!

...hehe.. no more "Pii Gu" for lil' Nathaniel from then on!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Uncle Richard

Received news on Monday morning from Big Meow that our Uncle Richard passed away in Tawau. Uncle Richard was Mom's borther and he was in his 80s.

Though I've only met Uncle Richard a few times only, what I remembered most about him was his easy going nature. He sure can clicked with people from all walks of life whether young or old. He was very fond of animals so he has a lot of pets, dogs, birds, snake, etc.

I remembered the time when I was around 8 years old. Went to Tawau alone and stay at Uncle Richard's place. That time he has 2 very fierce German Shepherds called "Cheong Kwan" meaning General and "Fei Chai" meaning Ruffian. He taught me how to play Dart and basketball. I had so much fun staying with him.

Uncle Richard will be laid to rest today in Tawau.
Saturday, August 07, 2004


Just now...

Phone rings, pick up phone

Me : Hello, Helen speaking.

Caller (with high pitch voice) : May I speak to DW please?

Me : May I know to whom I'm speaking to?

Caller : Hah???

Me : Um, who is this please?

Caller : Oooh!!!! *Hang up!

Phone ...toot tooot...

Me :Duh!????........

Hhmmmm must be one of those leeches...
Thursday, August 05, 2004

Sand Paper

I'm having a severe case of either Prickly Heat or Allergy....I really don't know which. All I know is it wasn't my usual eczema. Nevertheless it's still the same to me...it itchess like **** and my skin felt like a big piece of sand paper..or a cat's tongue.

Doctor said it was an allergic reaction to something. The fun part is trying to find out what this something is...so as long as the allergy are still there, then the stimulant is still around. Been trying to find out for a whole week already and still no luck.

So what I did? I went to see a Chinese sensei. Chinese sensei said it was a severe case of prickly heat woh...so have to drink more herbal remedy to cool down the body..

Haiz....don't know lah...just pray my skin will be back to normal soon...and it better be VERY SOON!