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Monday, April 17, 2006


The past month has been a very frustrated month. Things weren't very smooth going.
Learnt that Brownie, the dog i gave to a friend, died. Went for an interview to get my licence, and failed miserably, thanks to my own stupidity and lack of preparation, and for not believing in my own gut feeling. Haiz, nobody to blame but myself.In the midst of it all, my eczema flared up. I will never ever go back to the one and only so-called skin specialist in town again. All he ever does was to prescribe me with steriod. I've been taking on alternate months for the past year! I look like an elephant seal now....miserable. Went to see a different dermatologist in KK, presribed me non steriod medications...slow working and by the end of the month it didn't work. The eczema come out all over my body, even my scalp and it not only become inflamed but wounds started to weep and had a mild infection. Went back to KK, now is on a different medication supposed for asthma, seems to work for me, eczema under control but the scars.....*sob sob*. But thanks to horsie's love and support, I'm optimistic.

Oh well, the worst is over now, i'll have to re-apply for the licence again and this time, i'm gonna be prepared. Am flying off with the family to Bangkok, i truly need to de-stress. Am going to get all the tradtional thai massages i can get, heck with the scarred body...i dun care, its not as if i'll be seeing thess masseurs ever again in my life. Sawadeekaa!