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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Tuesday evening, Calista was doing her cut and paste artwork...Korkor doing homework...Daddy reading newspaper...Mummy reading book...relaxing...

Calista : "Daddy..."
Daddy : "Ya?"
Calista : "Tomorrow morning, right, when we wake up and then come downstairs to have our breakfast, right.."
Daddy : "EmHmmm.."
Calista : "Then finish breakfast, you send KorKor and me to school...and then you come back home and fetch mummy to work, right..?"
Daddy : "Yah.?"
Calista : "Then hor, when you go to your shop hor, you remember to bring home a pair of scissor for me, ok?"
Daddy n Mummy : "Buahaahahahaha."
Mummy/Meow : "Haha, Thun Thun (Calista)no need to be so long winded lah..you want a pair of scissor, just tell Daddy to get you a pair loh!"
Daddy : "Hehehehe like mother like daughter mah..!"