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Friday, July 29, 2005

Random Conversation

During lunch break today...we were teasingly asking Moon who only recently started "pak toh", whether her boyfriend has kissed her yet...being a good sport she jokingly replied..

Moon : Now I want to do it with him loh..

Lil to Bee and myself : Nah, see she doesn't want to answer us.

Moon : What? Told you already mah...I now want to do it with him liao...

Lil : OOOh...kissed already....kikiki

Moon : So let's say I want to entice him, how ar... how to make sexual advances at a man, hah?

Meow (jokingly) : Oooh easy lah....just by one touch...

Bee and Lil : lol...

Moon :....eeerrr..touch where ar?

Lil : Haiyah....Definitely not his toes!!! There lah! Where else??!!

Bee and Meow : ROTFLOLOLOL....

Meow : Moon, don't tell me when you wanna make advances at him, you gonna grab his legs and say here let me take off your shoes, I wanna tickle your toes??!!!

Bee, Lil, Moon : Lol...

...This conversation was dripping with xxx and has been heavily censored in this post....

Yup...put a few "mow liew" women together, they'll talk dirty nonsense. :P
Saturday, July 23, 2005


OMG!!! I learnt recently that someone I know went to Europe and brought along a whole luggage of instant noodles, canned food such as luncheon meat, made in china daced fish, etc...imagine lugging all these foodstuff all over Europe!!!..ROTFLMAO!!!
Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Haiz...latest news...from the Plant Manager of SESB...they are doing their so-called best to fix the transformer...they can't promise anything....expect another 24 hours blackout....!@#$%^#!$#^#$@%!!!! Lahad Datu and Tawau also affected..SABAH BOLEH!

On another update with regards to my good friend whom I mentioned earlier, the operation was a success and the surgeon assured her that its benign...of course a biopsy is still required. She is currently recuperating. Cheers.

Blardy Torture!!

!@#$%^&*&%!#!!!!! Blardy torture!! Bunch of useless incompetent shitheads!!

GGGGrrrgggghhh!! Last night around 9:20 pm, the whole of Sandakan experienced a blackout!(And i wanted to watch Desperate Housewives!!!!) There wasn't any breeze, so blardy humid! The mosquitoes were having a big party! I'm now at the office and as I'm posting this, my place still has no electricity.

It was even worst at my sister's place..they experienced the power cut since yesterday morning at 9:00 am, until now there's still no current! Blardy over 24 hours mann!!!

SESB's not even answering their phone! Bastards! Anyway it seems that all these were because of one blardy transformer exploded!!! How I wish their butts explode instead. Hrmmph!
Saturday, July 09, 2005

A Bad Week

6th July - One of my good friend found a small lump on her breast. She'll be going over to KK on Monday to have it removed. I hope its benign.

7th July - My Uncle Francis passed away so suddenly. He's only 60. Requiem Mass will be held today at Sacred Heart Cathedral, KK. I can't make it but my sisters will be there. Be at peace Uncle Francis.

Terrorism hit London. So many died and countless injured. Some people are just so sick!