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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Primordial Dwarfism

Two years ago, I wrote about cretinism once again thanks to Doc's Forum I now know for sure the condition of the boy/man I mentioned in my Cretinism post.

Seems his condition is called Primordial Dwarfism which is a very rare form of dwarfism.

After my Cretinism post, sad to say I've never seen the little guy again. I do wonder how he is now.
Monday, November 05, 2007

Hot Dogs must have Veges!

Whenever Horise and I hug each other, the kids, without fail, would wedge themselves between us and yelled "Hot Dog! Hot Dog!"

So a few days ago, I was standing quite close to Horsie and was looking at his face when Calista quickly came between us holding our thighs and started calling her korkor :

"Kor! Faster, faster! Mummy and Daddy is going to hug! Come quick, I'll be the hot dog (sausage) and you be the vege! Quickly eh!

It was so funny the way she said it that we were all laughing. Calista looking at us and innocently replied..."Hot Dogs must have Veges mah!"

hehehehe sssoooo cute. ^__^