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Thursday, February 24, 2005

New Skin

Like my new skin? I like it very much...very soft and calm and serene.
Had some problem with the template at first, after some searching in the dark, a bit of tinkering here and there and with dSaint's help...Viola! Nice new skin!
Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Boys N Girls

Boys will be boys and girls will be girls.
Juarez in preschool, kindergarten, primary 1

Me : How was school today?
J : Ok.
Me : Do you like school?
J : yes.
Me : Tell marmee what you learnt today.
J : things loh.
Me : Did you make any new friends?
J : yes
Me : What's your friends' names?
J : dunno

Me : Did you have fun at school today?
J : yeah
Me : Do you have many friends?
J : yeah, many.
Me : What's their names?
J : er...dunno..friend loh.

Me : Why are you walking like you have stiff legs?
J : legs painful.
Me : And why are your legs painful?
J : i got punished at school.
Me : punished? how?
J : do the "up down" thing*.
Me : and Why were you punished?
J : for talking.
Me : you shouldn't talk during lessons.
J : i didn't talk.
Me : huh? then how come you got punished.
J : my friends were joking and i just laughed. so got punished.


Calista the preschooler

After school...

Me : Do you like school?
C : Yes. I played in the school with friends.
Me : You have a lot of friends?
C : Yes. There's Xingmei and Amanda and Jonathan. I eat chicken today, blah, blah....

C : Mee, mee, today I wet the bed when I "oi oi" (taking a nap). Teacher changed my pants already. The pants is in my bag oh.hehe
Me : aiyoh...you didn't tell teacher you want to pee pee meh?
C : Teacher said "oi oi" loh.
Me : Next time you must tell teacher you want to go toilet, ok? Shame shame oh you wet your bed/mattress.
C : hehe

Then upon getting in to the car...

C : Dee, dee, Thun thun wet the bed when "oi oi".....

later....when the Brother gets into the car..

C : Ko ko, ko ko I wet the bed today oh....

much later at home, when SIL comes back from work...

C : Gu gu, gu gu (Aunty) I wet the bed today oh...


C : Mee mee, today Po Ling got runny nose, her marmee came to bring her see Doctor. She takes medicine.
me : Oh did Po Ling cry?
C : Nope.
Me : Did any of your friends cry in school? Did Jonathan cry?
C : Nope.
me : Amanda?
C : Nope.
Me : Xingmei?
C : Nope.
me : Anyone in your class still cry?
C : *thinking*...hmmmm Me loh! hehe
Me : yer crybaby shame shame oh. You're not ashamed meh?
C : *grinning* Nope.


C : Mee, mee...today Philip, he cried oh..because Winnie poked him in the eye..like this...*proceed to gently poke her own right eye*..
Me : aiyoh, Thun thun promise marmee you won't do this to your friend ok? It's bad.
C : ok,...mee, blah, blah, blah...

Verdict :
Boys - You'll have to pry information from them. They will only answer when asked, and their answers will always be very brief.

Girls - You don't even have to ask, they'll tell you everything and in great details.

* both hands pulling ears, squat down then stand up repeated..normally a hundred times.
Thursday, February 17, 2005


Yesterday as we passed by Sedco Light Industrial area, I saw the little boy.

What is so special about this little boy, you may ask. Well, its because he's not what he seems. At a glance, he's like any other ordinary 4 years old kid. You take a closer look, he's still like a 4 years old. On closer inspection, you will notice you're not looking at a 4 years old, you are actually looking at a guy in his 30s..mebbe late thirties, heck he may well be in his forties..who knows.

The 1st time that I've seen this little boy was during my secondary school days. Now I'm already in my thirties and he remains the same, except that he's demented now.
Poor guy.

So being a curious cat, I ask Doc about this lil' guy's condition. What kind of rare disease/condition is he suffering from? Definitely NOT dwarfism cos physically he's like any healthy kids, his limbs length are proportional to his body.

Based on my brief description, good ol' Doc was so kind and now I know that this lil' guy could either be suffering from Congenital Hypothyroidism also known as Cretinism or maybe Hypochondroplasia. Interested to learn more...go Google..I malas explain in details.

And as usual a chat with Doc is always enlightening and entertaining. He always bring out the evil side of you. So now if I ever see the lil' guy again, I'll think of my pinky, and I'll go...eeewwwww.

Excuse me pls, I go flush my head in the toilet 20 times.
Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A new word a day

dSaint says:
eh eh wats the boxing bag thinggy that hangs in the mouth call?
SpottedMeow says:
*yum yum*...er...wrong person lah...shuld ask Doc
SpottedMeow says:
k found it..its called Uvula
SpottedMeow says:
dSaint says:
dSaint says:
hahha... i asked doc, he said tonsil
CheshireKat says:
CheshireKat says:
u saw the pix mah...show it to him!
CheshireKat says:
CheshireKat says:
tonsils on both side...
dSaint says:
yea lo hor... cis... that lazy doc ah...
dSaint says:
thx kats
CheshireKat says:
welcome i learn a new word today
dSaint says:
so do i. haahha
CheshireKat says:
kiki..i'll post in ma blog...
dSaint says:
lol... good good.

Yan Yat

7th day of the Chinese New Year. "Yan Yat" meaning Human Day. This is also the auspicious day for eating "yue sang". We're gonna go "lou sang" this afternoon! Yay!!!

Happy Birthday everyone!
Monday, February 14, 2005
Just heard that during the Chinese New Year, a number of the local tycoons spent their CNY in jail.....got caught gambling...hmmm maybe its one of those feng shui thingy...get locked up in the jail house during CNY and throughout the whole year big money come come...:P of course being the "follow tail dog" of the State's Tai Koh can get you Enzo and Porsche to show off during CNY...after that have to get rid of them ASAP else kena investigated.
It's back to work! After a week's holidays, everything is getting back to normal..back to school for the kids and back to work for us adults.

Chinese New Year is the same..its basically fun, fun, fun for the kids what with all these angpows and lions/unicorns/dragon dance. For me, its cook, cook, eat, eat, eat more eating than cooking that is...for some people, well I guess majority of the people here in Sandakan its, gamble, gamble, gamble, bet, bet, bet.

Now that the dusts are settling down, its back to study, study, study, diet, diet, diet and most people will be broke, broke, broke.

It's Valentine's Day today..my horsie and I haven't celebrated Valentine's Day for soo many years. Anyway we treasure any romantic moments whenever and wherever we can get..heck as long as you love each other every day is Valentine's Day!

Okie enough of mumbling..
Wednesday, February 02, 2005
When I raised my voice and scold the kids, I'm screeching like a mad banshee!
When he raised his voice, he's just making sure the kids heard!

When I grumbled/reprimanded at the kids, I'm nagging from dawn to dusk!
When he grumbled/reprimanded them, he's making sure the kids will become a better person!