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Friday, December 31, 2004
Wishing all peace and good health in the New Year!

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

One for the X-files.

A friend moved in to his new terrace house early this year. The house renovated very nicely.

One day another friend visited the house. This friend knows a bit of feng shui. So owner of house asked feng shui friend to comment. Feng shui friend saw all this nice renovation, he just don't want to comment much...just that the house clashes with the owner, meaning the house doesn't suit him. Owner kept pestering feng shui friend to tell what's wrong. Feng shui friend just said, you will know in time.

Anyway, seems hor since moving into the house, every night when bed time comes, owner hear this cracking sound..."krak, kraaak, kraaaak...". Searched high and low, check everywhere even the roof/attic...can't find anything.

A few weeks ago, owner asked servant to do some very serious spring cleaning of the whole house. Servant moved all furnitures to clean from top to bottom. When she came to clean the master bedroom, she moved the bed so she can clean under the bed. She found a hump or a swelling on the floor where all the tiles were cracked.
The hump was said to look like a freshly filled grave.

Owner asked a few contractors but got no logical explanation. Now he's getting the floor re-tile and is seriously considering to move back to his old place.

You see, the master bed room is on the 1st floor, NOT ground floor! Any explanation???....One for the X-files!...Freaky!! *spine chilling*
Calista : *Watching Winnie the Pooh on Playhouse Disney and singing to self*...."Winnie the Pooh...Pi-gwet."

Me : "Huh? Pi-gwet??"

Calista : *Pointing to Piglet* "Du....Pi-gwet!"

Me : "Thun Thun, its Pig-let..not Pi-gwet."

Calista : "Pi-gwet."

Me : "Its Pig....let!"

Calista : "Pi....gwet!"

Me : "Repeat after mummy, Pig..."

Calista : "Pig..."

Me : "...let.."

Calista : "....let..."

Me : "Good!...one more time....Pig.....let."

Calista : "Pig.....let."

Me : "Wonderful! Piglet!"

Calista : "PI-GWET!!!!"

Me : *pengsan*
Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Earthquake n Tsunami

This year's Boxing Day will forever be remembered...So many lives especially children's were taken in a split second. The news were all heartbreaking and brought tears.

Juarez : "Mee, why didn't they pray to God so that they can be saved?"

I have no answer except that it happened too suddenly without any warnings. Just pray for peace and comfort to all those victims and their families.

Friday, December 24, 2004
I dreamed of my Brownie...I miss her so so much, miss her welcoming bark when I reach home, miss her soulful trusting brown eyes, miss her antics..I miss her. `Haiz....

Received good news yesterday. I passed my CSC exam! Nice Christmas present. Next step...send in my application for a licence to the CCM.

A Merry Christmas to All!
Friday, December 17, 2004
I was in denial for some time now. But I guessed I have to admit and face the fact.

I've finally decided to give up my dog, Brownie. Juarez cried when I told him of my decision. He asked me why do we have to give up the dog. Told him that I could be allergic to Brownie's furs, that the furs triggered my eczema. He then asked who said so. So to make it easier to explain, I told him that the book on eczema that I brought recently said so. He asked me who wrote that book cos he wanted to kill him/her.

Well the nice family is going to collect Brownie from the house tonight. I'm sure Brownie will be happy staying with them and gets all the love and attention she deserves.

I'm not going to cry.

Monday, December 06, 2004

More Chrysanthemums

Am not in a blogging mood...will just be posting some pictures.