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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Happy Belated Birthday

Haiz...I'm such a lousy blogger...*sheepish grin*...I just realized this blog is one year old already! For the past few months I've been thinking whether to continue with this blog or not.

One of the main reason why i started this blog was to record down some of the stories my mum told me especially the story about my grandma and grandpa..i've drafted the post but haven't posted it yet..anyway if one day i have alzheimer's disease, at least my kids can refer my blog and learn about their great grandparents.

oh Well...Happy Belated Birthday Blog.

Yoga Bloopers

Took up Yoga at the beginning of this year..more for the sake of some much needed exercise and hopefully as an alternate way to improve my chronic eczema.

Here are two bloopers during Yoga class.

1) Meow lying down on the floor mat, feeling relaxed and concentrating on the breathing (the Corps pose @ Shavasana). Deep breath...inhale......slowly...exhale....very very relaxing...so much so that suddenly...friend, *shake shake* "Wei...wake up! You dozed off ar? hehehehe"..Meow, "Huh? huh? *blur*" "Oh. kikikiki too relaxing." Meow and friend...lost total concentration...mixed up all the moves on the yoga postures "Salutation to the Sun".

2) Not feeling very well. Too much gas in the tummy. A No No during Yoga classes. Meow sitting down with legs stretched apart, arms raised, slowly bend forward to the middle...slowly up.....then slowly down again...and....*bbboooooot*...Aiks!! SSSooooo embarassed! Don't know where to hide...have to continue *innocently*...ish!
Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Star Wars Character...and I'm...

Paid a visit to dSaint's and thought I might just give it a try...so..here I am....