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Friday, August 10, 2007

"Put Lang Sui!" (Throwing Cold Water)

Phone conversation with a friend....

Meow : Hi! Been busy lately kah?

Friend : Yeah! So fed up with the Company.

Meow : yadayadayada...

Friend : yadayadayada....

*After some time...

Meow : By the way, just to let you know that my plan to go Jiuzhaigou this October is confirmed.

Friend : Where's that?

Meow : Jiuzhaigou, China.

Friend : Eiyer....Why you LIKE to go China so much??!!!

Meow : Huh?!! Er....what you mean i LIKE to go China so much?

Friend : No meh? Last time you go Shanghai already!!!

Meow : Er...that's the first and only time what..??

Friend : I just don't understand you! China good meh? So dirty!! You never watch the news meh? blah blah blah...

Meow : .....but..but..but..Jiuzhaigou is sooo beautiful especially in Autumn!! It's one of the places that I wanted to visit.

Friend : I don't know about Jiuzhaigou! For me I only want to visit Japan. Japan is soooo beautiful especially during spring!!..yadayadayada... Who's going to take care of your kids when you go?

Meow : Their father loh.

Friend : What?! Your hubby not going with you? You're going alone? Why you so SELFISH one??

Meow : -_________-"".......