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Friday, August 01, 2008

Birthday invitation.

30th July Evening.....


Calista answered the phone...turned out to be her friend Janice...
awhile later...

Calista : "Mummy, Janice wants to talk to you."

Meow: "huh? why?"

Calista : "Dunno oh."

Meow : "Oh ok." took over the phone..."Hello Janice."

Janice : "Hello Aunty. My mummy wants to talk to you."

Meow : "Ok."

Janice's Mum : "Hello, this is Janice's mum. Is today Calista's birthday?"

Meow : "Oh yes, its her birthday today." *smile...but a bit blur...

Janice's Mum : "Oh, is Calista having a birthday party this evening? Cos Janice has been asking me to bring her to Calista's house for the birthday party. I was unsure so I just want to check with you."

Meow : "Oh my....no, there's no birthday party tonight. We don't plan to celebrate this year. I'm so sorry."

Janice's Mum : "I thought you invite just a few of Calista's friend to celebrate with her....cos Janice has a piece of paper like you know, an invitation from Calista. He he that's why I called up to make sure...I was guessing if there's really a party, you would have called me."

Meow : "hahaha, oh my, this girl!! She actually wrote an invitation to Janice?? My, my I didn't know! She didn't tell me! I'm so sorry for the confusion.."

...yadda yadda...Bye! Hang up phone.

Turned to a shy shy smiling little girl sitting on the sofa...

Meow: "Calista! How come mummy doesn't know that there will be a birthday party at our house tonight??""

Calista giggled...

Meow : "My my...you so clever and go invite your friends ar..you cheeky girl...Calista, tell mummy what did you write to your friends? You write it down on a piece of paper and show me ok?"

Calista still giggling.."Ok mummy."

Well, ..here's the invitation to celebrate Calista's 7th Birthday!