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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

By The Pool

Juarez is taking swimming lessons, so every Saturday and Sunday, I took them to the pool. Due to my eczema I don't swim anymore, so like most Si Lai, I just sat by the poolside keeping a watchful eye on the kids.

Here are some things I noticed that either makes me laugh or shake my head in disbelief..

1) Big fat guy with huge belly, hairy chest..wearing leotards instead of swimming trunk, hehehe

2) Shy Malay lady, wearing a body suit..something like those used for scuba diving, o_0....

3) Chinese Si Lai quite big size wearing swimsuits that bare her middrif (she's not wearing bikini ok)...got those stick-on tatoo on her back! Aiyoh,these stick-on tatoo if its on the lower back of a SYT wearing bikini now that's Sexy and Nice...but this Si Lai...aiyoyoh...sore eyes, sore eyes!!

4) Another Chinese Si Lai...haiz..soaking up in the Kiddy Pool with all these lil' kids playing there, ok nothing wrong there...but of all things she's wearing a big transparent pink float!!! An adult wearing a float in a Kiddy Pool???!!! -_-"

5) 80% of adults in the pool are not there to swim but to soak only, 15% are there because of their kids, only 5% are there to swim but 4% of them don't really know how. :)
Saturday, August 13, 2005

Love Letter

Last night I fetched Juarez from tuition. On our way home..

Juarez : Mee, you remember the other night I told you that a classmate of mine asked me who I like and she wanted me to choose 3 names?

Meow : Yeah..?

Juarez : You know that I like Wei San a lot. Well I also like Shuk Ling too.

Meow : Wah! You like 2 girls at the same time ah?

Juarez : Well I like both of them but I like Wei San a lot more than Shuk Ling.

Meow : *couldn't help smiling but still have to maintain a serious face* Oh ok, so?

Juarez : Mee, today Shuk Ling gave me a Love Letter.

Meow : *eyebrows raised, eyes big big, mouth gapped* Hah?????!!!Love letter? She handed it to you personally??

Juarez : Yeah. And I think her kor kor helped her write the letter. Her kor kor is in Primary 5.

Meow : Er...what does the letter say?

Juarez : It say she likes me a lot even though she knows I like Wei San, so she's worried that I don't like her. She likes me because I'm nice to her and I'm not naughty in class. She said previously she likes Derrick but Derrick wasn't nice to her so she don't like him anymore....blah, blah, blah...

Oh my oh my oh my!!! My son got his 1st love letter at age 9!!!
Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Last night after the kids were in bed, I happened to switch to Star Movie (Channel 42) of Astro and I can't believe it! They're showing Footloose!!!

Gosh!When the movie was first shown I was still a teenager!!! And oh boy! It was still as fun as the first time I watched the movie! The musics were awesome great! I especially loved the part where Kevin Bacon danced to vent out his frustrations! There's another fun part where Kevin Bacon teaches Christopher Penn how to dance, such fun! Sooo eighties...soooo my time....

~Sigh! Soooo...old....:)