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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Boys N Girls

Boys will be boys and girls will be girls.
Juarez in preschool, kindergarten, primary 1

Me : How was school today?
J : Ok.
Me : Do you like school?
J : yes.
Me : Tell marmee what you learnt today.
J : things loh.
Me : Did you make any new friends?
J : yes
Me : What's your friends' names?
J : dunno

Me : Did you have fun at school today?
J : yeah
Me : Do you have many friends?
J : yeah, many.
Me : What's their names?
J : er...dunno..friend loh.

Me : Why are you walking like you have stiff legs?
J : legs painful.
Me : And why are your legs painful?
J : i got punished at school.
Me : punished? how?
J : do the "up down" thing*.
Me : and Why were you punished?
J : for talking.
Me : you shouldn't talk during lessons.
J : i didn't talk.
Me : huh? then how come you got punished.
J : my friends were joking and i just laughed. so got punished.


Calista the preschooler

After school...

Me : Do you like school?
C : Yes. I played in the school with friends.
Me : You have a lot of friends?
C : Yes. There's Xingmei and Amanda and Jonathan. I eat chicken today, blah, blah....

C : Mee, mee, today I wet the bed when I "oi oi" (taking a nap). Teacher changed my pants already. The pants is in my bag oh.hehe
Me : aiyoh...you didn't tell teacher you want to pee pee meh?
C : Teacher said "oi oi" loh.
Me : Next time you must tell teacher you want to go toilet, ok? Shame shame oh you wet your bed/mattress.
C : hehe

Then upon getting in to the car...

C : Dee, dee, Thun thun wet the bed when "oi oi".....

later....when the Brother gets into the car..

C : Ko ko, ko ko I wet the bed today oh....

much later at home, when SIL comes back from work...

C : Gu gu, gu gu (Aunty) I wet the bed today oh...


C : Mee mee, today Po Ling got runny nose, her marmee came to bring her see Doctor. She takes medicine.
me : Oh did Po Ling cry?
C : Nope.
Me : Did any of your friends cry in school? Did Jonathan cry?
C : Nope.
me : Amanda?
C : Nope.
Me : Xingmei?
C : Nope.
me : Anyone in your class still cry?
C : *thinking*...hmmmm Me loh! hehe
Me : yer crybaby shame shame oh. You're not ashamed meh?
C : *grinning* Nope.


C : Mee, mee...today Philip, he cried oh..because Winnie poked him in the eye..like this...*proceed to gently poke her own right eye*..
Me : aiyoh, Thun thun promise marmee you won't do this to your friend ok? It's bad.
C : ok,...mee, blah, blah, blah...

Verdict :
Boys - You'll have to pry information from them. They will only answer when asked, and their answers will always be very brief.

Girls - You don't even have to ask, they'll tell you everything and in great details.

* both hands pulling ears, squat down then stand up repeated..normally a hundred times.


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