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Friday, August 01, 2008

Birthday invitation.

30th July Evening.....


Calista answered the phone...turned out to be her friend Janice...
awhile later...

Calista : "Mummy, Janice wants to talk to you."

Meow: "huh? why?"

Calista : "Dunno oh."

Meow : "Oh ok." took over the phone..."Hello Janice."

Janice : "Hello Aunty. My mummy wants to talk to you."

Meow : "Ok."

Janice's Mum : "Hello, this is Janice's mum. Is today Calista's birthday?"

Meow : "Oh yes, its her birthday today." *smile...but a bit blur...

Janice's Mum : "Oh, is Calista having a birthday party this evening? Cos Janice has been asking me to bring her to Calista's house for the birthday party. I was unsure so I just want to check with you."

Meow : "Oh my....no, there's no birthday party tonight. We don't plan to celebrate this year. I'm so sorry."

Janice's Mum : "I thought you invite just a few of Calista's friend to celebrate with her....cos Janice has a piece of paper like you know, an invitation from Calista. He he that's why I called up to make sure...I was guessing if there's really a party, you would have called me."

Meow : "hahaha, oh my, this girl!! She actually wrote an invitation to Janice?? My, my I didn't know! She didn't tell me! I'm so sorry for the confusion.."

...yadda yadda...Bye! Hang up phone.

Turned to a shy shy smiling little girl sitting on the sofa...

Meow: "Calista! How come mummy doesn't know that there will be a birthday party at our house tonight??""

Calista giggled...

Meow : "My my...you so clever and go invite your friends ar..you cheeky girl...Calista, tell mummy what did you write to your friends? You write it down on a piece of paper and show me ok?"

Calista still giggling.."Ok mummy."

Well, ..here's the invitation to celebrate Calista's 7th Birthday!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Beckham!!! the latest addition to our family!!! He's sooo handsome and adorable hor.

Born : 14th April 2008
Officially a member of our family on 29th June 2008
Saturday, May 03, 2008

Becareful of what you say in front of kids!

This is truly one lesson that both horsie and I learnt in a most embarassing way...

Dinner time...

Meow : "Boy do you still want some more rice? Mummy can't finish ler."
Juarez: "No thanks, I'm very full already."
Calista :"Oh hoh!! Mummy can't finish her rice! Mummy must be rotan-ed."
Juarez n Daddy: "Yaloh! Mummy will kena rotan-ed."
Humsup-minded Daddy: "Mmm Mummy, the rotan very big one oh.."
Meow : "uhhuh..."
Humsup-minded Daddy: "Tonight Daddy rotan Mummy when all the kids are asleep...heh heh heh."
Juarez : "YYYyaaaayyyy! I'll have a baby brother soon!!!"

Meow and Horsie both almost fall from their chairs in shock!!! So embarassing lah....
Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Tuesday evening, Calista was doing her cut and paste artwork...Korkor doing homework...Daddy reading newspaper...Mummy reading book...relaxing...

Calista : "Daddy..."
Daddy : "Ya?"
Calista : "Tomorrow morning, right, when we wake up and then come downstairs to have our breakfast, right.."
Daddy : "EmHmmm.."
Calista : "Then finish breakfast, you send KorKor and me to school...and then you come back home and fetch mummy to work, right..?"
Daddy : "Yah.?"
Calista : "Then hor, when you go to your shop hor, you remember to bring home a pair of scissor for me, ok?"
Daddy n Mummy : "Buahaahahahaha."
Mummy/Meow : "Haha, Thun Thun (Calista)no need to be so long winded lah..you want a pair of scissor, just tell Daddy to get you a pair loh!"
Daddy : "Hehehehe like mother like daughter mah..!"

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I've been neglecting this blog again, and not for the 1st or the last time I guess. Been thinking of ending it and yet reluctant to let go...very "mau thun". But then again its my blog woh...i can do anything i like right? oh nevermind...just whatever lah..

Ok where to begin leh...hmmm...let's start with the kids lah...Calista is in primary one now. She seems to adapt very well in primary school...we can see that she's grown up a wee bit liao...more independent, more cheeky and being a girl, i say...more talkative! hehe

As for Juarez, well he's in primary six...haiz so fast...gonna be sitting for his UPSR..this year he has the option to choose whether to take his science and math papers in english or chinese. He opted for english. Hopefully he'll do better in the english language. My boy has grown up no doubt but haiz...he is still the dilly dally type..i really hope he'll grow out of it..but gosh! he'll be in his teens in a couple of years and we'll have to deal with all those growing up pains!!! Yikes!

Horsie :) ..his stationery biz is doing fine, recently oso took over a courier service biz. so busy busy loh.

As for myself, heheh i'm taking piano lessons! Being able to play the piano has always been a dream of mine. So now i'm making it come true and having so much fun in the process! :P

Oh last May we went to Mabul Island and while we were there, we saw a lot of colourful flags flying around at the pier of Mabul Water Bungalow Resort. Furthermore there were some marines around with guns and all, macam macam for security purpose. Only later we learnt that there were some people shooting a movie or something there! Some were saying that there's a celebrity with a name that ends with a "wie" there. Dunno who lah of cos. Mana tau, it turned out that its the movie Duyung now showing in the local theaters!! From their trailer, macam interesting!

Guess enuff rambling liao...till next dunno when time...hehe.
Saturday, November 24, 2007

Primordial Dwarfism

Two years ago, I wrote about cretinism once again thanks to Doc's Forum I now know for sure the condition of the boy/man I mentioned in my Cretinism post.

Seems his condition is called Primordial Dwarfism which is a very rare form of dwarfism.

After my Cretinism post, sad to say I've never seen the little guy again. I do wonder how he is now.
Monday, November 05, 2007

Hot Dogs must have Veges!

Whenever Horise and I hug each other, the kids, without fail, would wedge themselves between us and yelled "Hot Dog! Hot Dog!"

So a few days ago, I was standing quite close to Horsie and was looking at his face when Calista quickly came between us holding our thighs and started calling her korkor :

"Kor! Faster, faster! Mummy and Daddy is going to hug! Come quick, I'll be the hot dog (sausage) and you be the vege! Quickly eh!

It was so funny the way she said it that we were all laughing. Calista looking at us and innocently replied..."Hot Dogs must have Veges mah!"

hehehehe sssoooo cute. ^__^