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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Wild Malay Lions :P

Woof! Woof! Kong Hei Fatt Choy!! Its the year of the Dog! So this cat has to bark..hehe.

Was chatting with Doc yesterday about his post on Lion Dance! Wow! I never knew that you only get to watch the Lion Dance at shopping complexes and at scheduled time over in KL! Must remind the kids to appreciate them here no matter how boring or routine the performance tend to be.

Anyway here in good old *cough* Nature City..we still have lion troups driving around town...and they go from housing estates to housing estates, from door to door to "pai lien" in actual fact to earn some angpows leh. What's interesting nowadays is that since a few years back we started to have these what I like to call Wild Lions! And these Wild Lions are Malay Lions! ..How so you may ask..well for one, the performers consist mostly of young Malays, sometimes lead by a Chinese guy. And since they are Malays and not trained in the art of the Lion Dance, you get a funny sounding kind of drum rhythm! As for the lions...they are pathetic looking cos they are mostly those very old and torn lions...droopy eyes cos the eyelids not working...missing a furry ball from the nostrils...with a torn ear.. and the furs and whiskers? LOL they but those rolls of cotton from supermarkets and glue them to the proper places!!..Normally they were given RM 2 angpows as goodwill..Its Chinese New Year so all lions whether tame or wild, all are welcome!

Now go figure how much they collected for the 4 days of CNY and some more during Chap Goh Mei! By the way today is Lap Chun! Have u lap your chun? Doc did!


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