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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Dressing Up

Calista's Kindy will be having their year end performance in early November. For the Year 1 Kindy, the kids are required to dress up in fancy cloths. I was informed by her Class Teacher that Calista was chosen to dress up as a lawyer.

So, i've bought the necessary materials and send to the Tailor to have the robe and the band made. That's the easy part. Now the wig...gee..there's no way I can find it here so...I was thinking of knitting it using yarn...problem is I don't know how to knit. I'll just have to learn, so last Saturday I went to this Handcraft shop to buy the stuff and of course to start my knitting lesson. Well what do you know, end up I don't have to lift a finger! Some experienced lady will be knitting the wig for me! All I have to do is pay...so problem solved!

To spice up the character a bit, I've planned to make a big big nice fake law book for her bring up on stage...hmmm...since the robe is black, might as well make the book in a nice rich maroon colour with the word LAW in gold lettering.

Will follow up with a photo.


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