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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ten Pins

On our way home, car radio blasting away...

Radio : *Ring! Ring!*
DJ1 : Track FM!
Caller : Hello, Track FM?
DJ1 : Yes Track FM, what's your name?
Caller : Chia.
DJ1 : Ok, Chia, here's your question. How many pins are there in a Ten Pins Bowling event?
Chia : Eh.....any clue?

Meow : Buahahahahaha!!!!!
Horsie : What the...!!!! Stupid bugger!! Give all the Chias a bad name only!
DJ1 & 2 : ??!!!
DJ1 : Em er...Chia, I repeat the question again...How many pins are there in a TENNN pins bowling event?
Chia : Eh....em...(Squeaky wheels in the brain spinning...nggeek, ngeeek, nggeek..)
DJ2 : If he answer 8 or even 7 and a half...I'm gonna...
(Meow laughing too hard liao couldn't hear what the DJ was saying...meanwhile Horsie was @#$%%^ stupid bugger!! People already told you ...haiz....tainting the Chia name only..*grumble grumble*
DJ1 : Er, Chia? Here's a clue...the number is between 9 and 11.
Chia : Oh...Ten!

Meow : *wipe tears*..hahahaha


Later in the evening...

Horsie : Son, I'm gonna ask you a question, you listen carefully ok?
Juarez : Ok
Horsie : How many pins are there in a Ten Pin Bowling event?
Juarez : Ten lah.
Horsie : *Phew* Lucky my son is not stupid.
Meow : Hahahahaha...


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