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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas 2005

Misty rain throughout the whole of Christmas Eve. It made everything looked in a dreamy way. It was beautiful. Christmas Eve we didn't really celebrate with party or what. Just a simple macaroni dinner at home with the 2 kiddos. After dinner, opened a bottle of Sparkling, since I can't take alchohol and of course the kids can drink too. They don't like it. Later went to Mass at St. Mike. The Choir didn't perform very well this year. Could be due to the music being too loud, or that their voices were just not strong enough. Got back home after midnight.

It rained the whole of Christmas Day! And we were gonna have a barbeque for Horsie's family...a tradition liao. No turkey this year for 2 reasons. 1, can't find a small turkey to fit my oven, 2, was afraid of power cut half way roasting the turkey. So just gonna have a simple barbeque. Luckily the rain didn't dampened the spirit of Christmas. As usual the kids enjoyed the most as all received presents.

But this Christmas for me was the most special! Juarez, gave me and horsie each a Christmas Angpow!!! He cut out the wrapping papers and glue the whole Angpow and gave them to us on Christmas! My lil' boy giving this most beautiful of surprise. I was so touched and I couldn't help but cried...*sniff, sniff*...It's not about the present but his love and thoughts, that's the most precious gift to me.


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