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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Cake For Daddy

(Yesterday morning)

Calista : Happy Birthday Daddy! (Giving Horsie a Biiiigggg Hug and Biiiigggg Kiss!)

(Early evening on the way home and to fetch Juarez)

Calista : Daddy, afterward you bring me to Fat Cat (Bakery) har. I want to buy a cake for you!

Horsie : Wah! Why buy a cake for me?

Calista : You birthday mah, so I buy you cake ok?

Horsie : You got money meh?

Calista : No, but you got mah!

Meow : ^__^ Calista, you want to buy cake for Daddy or you want to eat cake yourself o?

Calista : No ar, I don't want to eat cake! Daddy birthday must have cake mah!

...... much later after fetching korkor/Juarez and drove past the bakery without stopping....

Calista : Daddy! I want to buy cake o!

Horsie : No need lah...you also don't have money..^_^!

Calista : But but...Daddy birthday mah...must have birthday cake!

Horsie : Daddy grown up! Grown up don't need a birthday cake mah.

Calista : Grown up don't need birthday cake but children want to eat birthday cake mah!

Horsie, myself and Juarez : ROTFLOL!!!!!


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