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Friday, January 26, 2007

Little Forger

Now that Calista is in her 3rd year of Kindergarten, she's been given Reading Assignments to encourage her to read more. Everytime she brings home a book, I'll have to initial on a card and also to teach her to read.

So one evening, she has her reading materials and also her book ready, sitting comfortably on the sofa waiting for me to start reading with her. She kept calling for me .."Mii! Come read with me eh!" But I was busy with some housework so I kept telling her "later, wait, etc".

I guessed she got impatient kua, so she went and took the card and a pen and this is what she did....

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O_O!! Yeah yeah I know..my initial is very simple but a 5+ year old kiddo...forging my initial? *speechless*

Well to cut the story short...Calista earned herself a scolding and a little spanking...I know she's innocent but I wanted her to know forging my initial or signature is wrong!

Haiz! Kids these days! They sure start young!

(Actually later when I showed Horsie what she did...we both were laughing...hehe...Kids. Of course Calista didn't know that we were laughing...don't want her to get the wrong message leh.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hehe, so cute... 5 year old already can think of alternatives. good going...

3:41 PM  

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