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Saturday, July 07, 2007


Alright, it's been a while since my last post...*sigh* this lousy excuse of a blogger...malasnye...ok,,...let's see...

May - Ah...holiday month! Company's trip. Whole family joined and we went to Mabul Island! The kids had a wonderfully great time! For us, the mum and dad...oh well we're happy that the kids were happy :P. Horsie had a great time too since he caught the most fishes. Maybe I'll do a post on Mabul Island later with photos...er...no promise ler..

June - Nothing much.

Today - Yeah!!!!! Tonight is Reunion Night!!! Sooo excited!! My primary school reunion!! All thanks to Jessica for the suggestion way back in March..or was it in April? *shrug* nah..nevermind. After all the sleuthing works and of cos a few "tak tau malu" occassions, did managed to get hold quite a number of friends. Some only managed to reach at the last minutes but hey, at least we got the contacts now. Anyway tonight at least 25 will be attending the Reunion...not bad for the St. Monica's Class of 1980! Another friend who can't make it, haha he asked to get someone to blog about it! We'll see how ler...I'm still not comfortable with the idea of posting my pictures on the net...my kids nevermind, but still have qualms when it comes to myself. I'll definitely upload the photos and send the links to those who can't make it back. So maybe...just maybe I'll do a post on the reunion! OOh excited ler...


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